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Options for Caring for Patients with Dementia


In-home caregiver services, adult day cares, assisted living facilities with memory care units, and nursing home facilities may be alternatives depending on the circumstances.


Costs for any of these options vary. Home care costs may vary depending on the location and types of services and care being provided (e.g. personal care services, companion services, nursing services, etc.). The cost of other options varies by institution/community and to some extent the type of care being received. For example, some provide all-inclusive payment plans, while others have an a la carte component. Some are not intended to provide on-site long-term skilled nursing care, while others are focused on the segment of the population that needs that kind of care. Some accept payment sources such as Medicaid, while others do not.


When making a decision as to what kind of care is appropriate for a loved one and where that care should be received, the opinion of licensed professionals is of paramount importance. For example, an independent geriatric care manager can be of great assistance to a family throughout this process, and when working with the elder law attorney, financial advisor(s), and other key senior service providers (the “senior services advisor team”), the transition to the appropriate level and location of care can be much more comfortable for the Dementia patient, and ultimately, less expensive as well.


Families should take note that this kind of decision-making is a process and not just an event. While the initial identification of flexible options for care that take into account the progressive nature of the disease is important, ongoing interaction with the senior services advisor team may be both helpful and necessary.


If someone you know suffers from Dementia, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you evaluate your options for planning and the costs associated with the necessary and desired level of caregiving.

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