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Probate administration describes the process in which the assets from the deceased individual’s estate are distributed. Not having a Will or having an improper Will may make things more difficult for fiduciaries, beneficiaries, heirs and others involved in the administration of the estate.

At Massih Law, LLC, we understand probate law and are able to assist with a full range of probate matters. 

We can guide you through the daunting probate process by protecting your rights and making sure you understand your beneficial interests and/or fiduciary responsibilities. We handle probate matters that deal with:

  • Estate and trust administration: Our firm will assist you with your responsibilities as a personal representative of an estate or trust.
  • Estate and gift tax: We help calculate the estate tax when property is transferred from the deceased individual’s estate.
  • Representation of fiduciaries: We advise Fiduciaries regarding their role to avoid mismanagement of the estate.
  • Will contests: We advise beneficiaries on their rights in respect to a will.
  • Breach of fiduciary duties: If you have been sued for breach of fiduciary duties, we make sure you know your rights.
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