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When should I redo my Will? (Part 2)

When should I redo my Will? (Part 2)

The following events (while certainly not an all-inclusive list) are also considered major when it comes to a Will or an Estate Plan, and you should meet with your estate planning attorney if any of these are coming in your near future:

  • Moving to a different state

Every state is different and has their own set of laws. Not having an up to date Will/Estate Plan could be devastating in many ways because what is advisable in one state could be detrimental to you or your beneficiaries in another state.

  • Changes in the law 

The laws as well as the application or interpretation of the laws can change, and unless you are an attorney who practices in the field of estate planning and/or elder law, it is unlikely that you will be aware of all of the changes that can affect your planning. Regular reviews with your estate planning attorney can help ensure that your plan actually works the way you intend for it to when you need it to work.

To sum this all up, a change in circumstances may result in a need for you to redo or revise your Will/Estate Plan as long as you are not incapacitated. It actually becomes more important to remain up to date because many things change with time, and in order to make sure your desires are realized, you must visit your estate planning attorney often to make sure your Will/Estate Plan is as precise and up to date as needed.

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